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CARE’s Research programs focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, continuous innovation, and personalized, AI, and data-drive innovations. This includes a focus on Asian cancers and cardiovascular diseases and an emphasis on collecting foundational data on the underlying contributors to disease in Asian populations, with the goal of integrating this information into a model of tailored precision health care for individual Asian subgroups. CARE has several research programs and pipelines designed to promote knowledge, communication, and impact among Asian precision health researchers, including the Journal of Asian Health, the seed grant program, and other activities to lead the development of precision Asian health.

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CARE Seed Grant

CARE awards seed grants to fund innovative and rigorous research projects on precision Asian health. These grants give researchers the ability to pursue high-impact, promising research projects that further CARE’s mission to develop precision health for Asians.

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Learn more about CARE Seed Grant

Research Programs

The Asian population in the United States nearly doubled between 2000 and 2019 and is projected to surpass 46 million by 2060. However, Asians are underrepresented in clinical trials, which leads to huge disparities in health outcomes and indicators among Asian population.

CARE seeks to transform the health of Asian communities by increasing knowledge, empowering education, and positively impacting clinical care.

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Multi-disciplinary conferences bring together world class physicians, researchers, policy makers, patients, and advocacy groups from around the world to share research experience and discoveries, all with the common goal of creating a roadmap to address the substantial healthcare disparities that exist in Asians and Asian Americans.

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Journal of Asian Health

Published by Stanford CARE, the journal’s mission is to contribute to the understanding of the social and medical determinants of Asian health globally. It features manuscripts, articles, and opinion editorials on a range of topics related to disease risk and health outcomes for Asian populations. The journal is a key part of establishing CARE as a platform for delivery of precision Asian health and an essential component of Phase 2 of development: rising to international prominence. 

Journal of Asian Health

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