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Welcome to the Stanford Center for Asian Health Research and Education (CARE)

Improving the Health of Asians Everywhere

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Improving the Health of Asians Everywhere

Welcome to the Stanford Center for Asian Health Research and Education (CARE). As the only medical center among the top universities in the US devoted to advancing the health of Asians worldwide, we're deeply rooted in Stanford Medicine's groundbreaking precision health approach. Our mission is clear: to predict, prevent, and cure diseases disproportionately affecting Asian communities. Through our dedicated efforts, we endeavor to revolutionize health outcomes for Asians and Asian Americans globally.

Despite the fact that Asians make up 60 percent of the world’s population, only 10 percent of clinical trials and genetic databases have Asian representation. Most decisions around Asian health are based on data from non-Asian cohorts. This underrepresentation leads to huge disparities in health outcomes and indicators among Asian populations. In the United States, Asians are among the fastest growing racial and immigrant groups. According to the US Census, the Asian American population nearly doubled between 2000 and 2019 and is projected to surpass 46 million by 2060. However, less than .2 percent of all National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants awarded are dedicated to Asian health research. Asians suffer disproportionately from many medical conditions, including cardiometabolic diseases and cancers such as gastric cancer, lung cancer, and nasopharyngeal cancer.

Vision, Mission, and Goals

The focus on precision health in the past few years has led to groundbreaking advances in the life sciences. It’s become clear to us at Stanford CARE that these advances will rely on the convergence of biomedical science, information science, and technology. Our access to robust resources, a culture of team science, and multidisciplinary support across the Stanford campus make us well equipped to deliver personalized, state-of-the-art precision care to Asian populations everywhere. Through innovative approaches combining synthetic biology and genomics as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning, Stanford CARE is well poised to achieve new discoveries that will provide unique, tailored care to Asians and members of the Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) community. The successful future of Asian health care is well within our reach.

The mission of the Stanford Center for Asian Health Research and Education (CARE) is to improve the health of Asians everywhere by increasing knowledge, empowering education, and positively impacting Asian clinical care. Our vision is for CARE to serve as the premier academic leader in Asian health.

Our goals are to:

Increase research and knowledge in Asian health.

Improve the delivery of precision health care for Asians.

Educate patients, providers, and the community about the precision health needs of Asians.

Stanford Medicine’s precision health approach reimagines health care to focus on predicting, preventing, and curing disease precisely. Stanford CARE’s work focuses on utilizing this precision health approach to not only reduce and, eventually, eliminate Asian health disparities, but to proactively move the needle on precision health for Asian populations around the world. 

CARE was founded in 2018 to provide a common precision health platform for providers, academics, trainees, and community members to share ideas and common resources for research, education, and clinical care support for the distinct purpose of furthering precision health. CARE is the only center at Stanford University and among the top universities in the United States dedicated to investigating and developing advances in Asian health. Thus, it fills a critical gap in resources focused on Asian health by leveraging Stanford’s unique patient, faculty/staff, and student demographics as well as the university’s expertise in artificial intelligence, prevention research, basic science, computational biology, epidemiology, health economics, and humanities.

Annual Report

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We are pleased to present the Stanford CARE 2023 Annual Report on the developments and impacts of the Center for Asian Health Research and Education (CARE) at Stanford University.

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