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CARE Seed Grant

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Due to the generosity of our donors, CARE has awarded 29 Seed Grants to pioneering scientists across a multitude of disciplines seeking early-stage funding to pursue innovative research on Asian health. 

These grants have given CARE investigators the freedom to explore their most promising and Uniquely Stanford research ideas, which nurture and expand Stanford Medicine's exceptional capacity for innovation in Asian health. These funds are particularly helpful in promoting collaborations across disciplines and supporting the collection of pilot data to achieve further grant funding. This strategy has been successful in launching and nurturing new Asian health research projects, and has allowed researchers to accumulate sufficient “proof-of-concept” data to apply competitively for follow-on research funding, both in the form of philanthropic investment and traditional public and/or private grant funding from the NIH, AHA, and others.

Every year, CARE releases a Call for Applications in early December with applications due via Slideroom on February 1. Awards are announced on March 1. The award period is for 1 calendar year, typically staring on May 1 and ending on April 30.

Applications for the 2024 Seed Grant cycle are due February 1
Access the application via Slideroom