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Driving Innovations and Discoveries in Asian Precision Health

Our Strategy and Operations

Stanford CARE Precision Asian Health Platform and Three Strategic Pillars

To support CARE’s vision of becoming the top academic leader for precision Asian health, CARE’s leadership team has implemented a disciplined strategic business planning process to develop a rigorous, impact-driven, 10-year, long-term plan.

This year, CARE has shifted its direction toward closing out Phase 1, the Incubation and Scalability phase, and entering Phase 2 of our long-term strategic plan, Rise to Prominence, by FY2023‒24. Phase 1 has led to the creation of our comprehensive Precision Asian Health Platform and has been primarily focused on creating a strong and sustainable infrastructure that will serve as a single point of support to efficiently and productively carry out the three strategic pillars of research, education, and community. As such, we have developed and expanded our operational infrastructure, executed our core strategic pillars’ Phase I objectives, and expanded our advisory board to match the caliber and support needed to enter this next phase of expansion to rise to international prominence.

As we enter Phase 2 in this upcoming year, we will be focusing on the following core strategies: (1) elevate Stanford CARE’s Precision Asian Health Platform to grow CARE as a premier Asian health leader; (2) augment Stanford’s distinctive research with a strong focus on Asian cancers (lung cancer and GI cancer) and cardiovascular diseases; (3) leverage digital strategies to significantly broaden CARE’s community reach; and (4) expand CARE’s international horizons farther into the Asia Pacific region.

The CARE Precision Asian Health Platform stands as the pivotal enabling force and central collaboration nexus, empowering CARE to expand and propel its vision of precision health for Asians.

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CARE Award

2023 CARE Award Awardees:

Dr. Ann Hsing

Alice Woo

Dr. Grace Yoo