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As part of our mission to increase the standard of health care for Asians, CARE runs a variety of educational programs to train the next generation of researchers and clinicians in precision Asian health. CARE’s educational pillar engages scholars ranging from undergraduate students to postdoctoral fellows who are passionate about improving Asian and global health.

Summer and Year-Long Programs

Stanford CARE Scholars zoom

Stanford CARE Scholars

An immersive, online course in Asian Health for undergraduate and graduate students, anchored by a 9-week summer immersion in Data Science and Vulnerable Populations.

Stanford CARE Team Science & Teaching Fellowships

The Stanford CARE Team Science Fellowship is a one-year fellowship program for doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers who want to develop their skills as program leaders.  We select 3-5 Team Science Fellows per year, with backgrounds in biostatis

The Chi-Li Pao Foundation and CARE

Chi-Li Pao Foundation Master of Public Health Fellowship

The Stanford Center for Asian Health Research and Education (CARE) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) have launched a fellowship program that will provide 1-2 Stanford medical student(s) the opportunity to earn a Master’s degree in Public Heal

Chi-Li Pao Hong Kong University Enrichment Year

CARE and the Chi-Li Pao Foundation have partnered with Hong Kong University (HKU) to offer an Enrichment Year placement opportunity at Stanford University. This year-long program invites one outstanding HKU student to Stanford University to pursue high-le

Stanford University Courses & Lectures

The CARE Faculty is excited to announce the development of several Stanford courses aimed at improving minority health and culturalized care.

Our CARE Educational Initiatives are made possible through the generous support of the Chi Li Pao Foundation and the Vincent V.C. Woo Memorial Foundation.

Vincent V.C. Woo Memorial Foundation; Chi-Li Pao Foundation, USA