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CARE Scholars Alumni

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The Stanford Center for Asian Health Research and Education (CARE) is dedicated to improving the lives of Asians everywhere, through evidence-based research and education in precision Asian health. The CARE Scholars program is an immersion in Data Science and Vulnerable Populations for undergraduate and graduate students, with a focus in Asian Health. This exceptional program leverages the unique aspects of Stanford’s world-class research, technology, and medical infrastructure to train scholars to become superb population science researchers.

Each year, scholars participate with Stanford faculty and visiting faculty in ongoing seminars around: Asian health, medical technology, AI, medical research, vulnerable populations, global health, essentials of research, innovation and leadership, scholarship and presentation, and career goals.

The course content aims to facilitate student career development and professional success. We place extra emphasis on mentorship, wellness, and personal career development to ensure that our students have a fulfilling experience that prepares them for careers as scholars in medicine and research. Our students build connections with Stanford CARE's global network of thought leaders and professionals, and with each other. 

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